Four Important Tips on Time Management

Most of us complain that we have too much to do and not enough time to get it done. This feeling of being overwhelmed is one of the leading causes of stress and can also make us less likely to accomplish anything. The following tips on time management can help you climb out from under those commitments and create a plan to better organize your time, as well as your life.

The Necessary to Do List

When you have lots of things to get done, chances are that something is going to be forgotten. Then you really have to scramble complete everything in a timely fashion. A To Do list can be a great way to prevent this from happening and a way to prioritize your goals for the day.

The list should be organized in order of importance. For example, if you have a 10 am deadline for a report to your boss that should be at the top of the list while the meme that needs to go out by the end of the week might be pushed to the bottom or moved to the next day. Placing an approx complete time next to each item on the list is also helpful because it brings you from being unrealistic about what you can accomplish in one day.

Learn to Say No

Some of the most important tips on time management revolve around the essential skill of being able to know when you can not take on anymore work. If you have a full schedule for the next three days, you can not accept a project with a 48 hour deadline. Most of us do not know how to refuse someone, especially at work. We want to please our boss and our co-workers but we have to learn to draw the line. Otherwise, we may end up facilitating no one because of missed deadlines and sloppy work.

Reward Yourself

If you're not motivated to work hard and to accomplish your goals for the day, you're not going to have much luck with time management. To keep your spirits up, find ways to motivate yourself. Keep a box of your favorite candy in the drawer and eat a piece each time you finish a goal. Treat yourself to a round of solitaire after you mark a task off your To Do list. Or buy yourself a little something nice if you complete all of your tasks on time by the end of the week.

Know When You Work Best

All of us work more effectively at different times of the day. Some people are night owls who can only start working once the sun goes down. Other people do better in the morning or right after lunch. Take your own preferences into mind when you're applying the other tips on time management so you can take advantage of your natural efficiency. Schedule your tasks around that preference so you're more likely to get them done.